A Ginger Saint Comes to Glasgow

How Saint Mungo saved the Ginger Gene

Student Tours Scotland kicked off it's new semester of Glasgow Walks and Scottish Coach Trips yesterday (Tuesday) with a walk through the University of Strathclyde region of Townhead and into Cathedral Precinct. We had 95 brave souls join me in my kilt and Roo with his camera. Along the way we stopped off in Rottenrow Gardens - former Glasgow maternity hospital and now University of Strathclyde garden. There were some folk shovelling snow which they had imported for snowboarding - awesome idea. After a while, Sven, a new German student took the role of Saint Mungo in the stories of Glasgow. As a ginger guy myself, it was rather biased of me to pick a ginger to play our patron saint. However, as we discussed, National Geographic magazine states that the ginger gene will be effectively extinct by 2060. So, with ginger power in mind, I would be forgiven for giving such a high profile role to my red-haired brethren. Ginger power indeed!