A Labyrinth for Glasgow: Sighthill Park Stone Circle in a New Form?

Could Glasgow's Sighthill Park Stone Circle Be Reborn?

If you've been following Student Tours Scotland or our fantastic ginger guide, Gary Robert Brown, for any length of time then you'll know that we have a passion in Glasgow. This passion revolves around a landmark that has been targetted as of late by Glasgow City Council. Sighthill is a region of Glasgow in the Springburn Area to the north of the city centre. They call Springburn the 'Rome of the North' and like Rome, it is built on seven hills. There was once a saying that you could be born in Balgrayhill; schooled in Petershill; have worked on Keppochhill and married on Springburnhill. You'd have been sick in Stobhill and probably lived on Barnhill. However you would have rested finally, in Sighthill. These days Sighthill is a far changed place from the days of old. Glasgow is undergoing yet another change. Following the failed bid to win the 2018 Youth Olympics, Sighthill will be transformed as one of Glasgow's Transformational Regeneration Areas or TRA's (the others being East Govan and Ibrox; Laurieston; Laurieston; Maryhill; North Toryglen; Red Road; Shawbridge). 

This regeneration involves the complete overhaul of the Sighthill area with the exception of the magical and haunting Sighthill Cemetery. However, it does mean Sighthill Park, which was created in 1982 as the largest Glasgow Park since the Victoria Era, will be vanishing. Well, vanish is not entirely true. The entire plan for Sighthill involves green space and so the park will evolve into something exciting and new around the new development. Even the Forth and Clyde Canal (Glasgow Branch) terminus at Port Dundas will be re-utilized. This area of the canal has fallen into serious disrepute since the connection with the Monklands Canal was severed when the M8 Motorway rendered the Monklands Canal useless. So overall this is a great idea and Student Tours Scotland cannot wait for the new developed Sighthill so we can go for a rummage around.

However, deep in Sighthill Park, on the summit where there was once a railway ventilation shaft cover for the rail tunnel below on a now abandoned train line from the long-gone Buchanan Street Train Station, stands Sighthill Park Stone Circle. It's a favourite of Student Tours Scotland to head up here to this pagan monument. It was built as part of a jobs creation scheme and was never quite finished. Sadly it is not part of the plan for Sighthill Park. However Glasgow City Council are committed now to rehoming it. Which is awesome.

Recently a new development has arisen which could include the Sighthill Park Stone Circle called, 'A Labyrinth for Glasgow'. You can check the details HERE. We're not talking huge maze here complete with mythical minotaurs ready to destroy you, but a meditative version designed to help you escape the madness of the city around. This group is planning on including a stone circle of some kind. This really excites Student Tours Scotland. At present if you google, "Sighthill Park Stone Circle", you get a picture of our favourite ginger guide, Gary Robert Brown, sitting on one of the stones on a rare sunny day over Sighthill in Glasgow. Hopefully in the future you'll also get information on it's inclusion in this awesome labyrinth idea. Naturally, Student Tours Scotland will keep you posted on any developments.

The labyrinth pictured is a small fun one in Dunure on the Ayrshire Coast and features on the Student Tours Scotland Coastal Ayrshire tour.