Around the World in Eighty Gingers #001: Sven (Germany)

Gotta Catch Em All. Gingers that is

Welcome to Student Tours Scotland's latest new blog idea. This time we are tracking down gingers around the world to see how many countries we can find a ginger in. This week we speak with Sven from Germany who is studying in Glasgow this year.

Student Tours Scotland (STS): Welcome to Student Tours Scotland's new "Around the World in Eighty Gingers" blog. Can you introduce yourself? Where do you come from? What's your name?

Sven (S): Hey, My name is Sven Tribull, I´m 23 years old and I come from a little town in Germany called Baden-Baden, which is located in the black forest and very close to the French border. I just finished up my bachelors degree in business administration a year ago, and after some travelling and an internship I decided to go to Glasgow Caledonian University in Glasgow in order to do my Masters degree in International Marketing.

STS: Tell us one random or interesting fact about yourself Sven?

S: Hmm, a random fact - I recently (last Friday), after 5 or 6 white russians, had the brilliant idea to jump off a wall and land on my heels, which resulted in my first trip to a Scottish hospital. Great place, the beds are way more comfy than the mattresses in Student Accomodation, and I even got a set of crutches as a souvenir. Unfortunately I have to give them back in a week or two.

STS: Does being ginger mean anything in particular to you? Do you feel it adds character to your personality?

S: I don´t think it means that much in particular to me, other than the fact that it helped me developing a pretty thick skin when I was younger, as kids tend to be cruel creatures and will pick on anything that is just slightly different from the rest in any way, shape or form. Never wanted to have a different haircolour though wink

STS: If we were all Pokémon, then gingers would be incredibly rare pokémon. Have you ever used your unique ginger-ness in a pickup line in a bar?

S: I actually have done that, but it that was just because I lost a bet, where the loser had to use a pick up line that was picked by the winner. It was horrible and something like this: "You´re hotter than a Bunsen burner set to full power! And technically, I am  too. We´re made for each other." Alcohol helped to strangle my embarrassment and fortunatley she was drunk enough to think it was funny, but it didn´t do the trick after all.

STS: Gingers are going to be extinct by 2060 according to National Geographic magazine. How does that make you feel?

S: I´m not really sure if the planet even survives that long the way things go right now, but I think that would be a sad thing to happen as less variety is always bad. However I read the article from National Geographic and it only states that news reports have claimed that redheads were going extinct and the article furthermore stated that "while redheads may decline, the potential for red isn't going away", so it seems we´re bound to stick around for a little longer wink

STS: Any funny or interesting stories involving being ginger? Has it helped you out in a weird way ever in life?

S: I can´t really think of anything in particular, other than the Kiosk which used to be on my way home from elementary school, where I always got free candy, because the old woman running it liked the colour of my hair so much. Seems a bit creepy though thinking of that in retrospect.

STS: Cheers for chatting Sven!

S: Anytime! I really enjoy my stay in Scotland so far and hope I can join on some more tours in the near future. Finding time for these is though doing a Masters, but they´re always more than worth the time!