Around the World in Eighty Gingers #002: Peter (Denmark)

Around the World in 80 Gingers

Student Tours Scotland is going around the world in as many gingers (hopefully 80) as we can. This week we catch up with an old friend from Denmark.

Student Tours Scotland (STS): Welcome to Student Tours Scotland's "Around the World in 80 Gingers" blog. Can you introduce yourself? Where do you come from? What is your name?

Peter (P): Hi! My name’s Peter Wickings. Im 25 years old and live in Denmark, where i’m pretty sure I’m the only ginger around. I'm currently doing my masters degree in corporate communication, and i spent a semester in Glasgow during fall 2011, where I met Gary Brown from Student Tours Scotland.

STS: Tell us one random or interesting fact about yourself Peter!

P: Well, in a ginger aspect, I think the most interesting about me is the fact that I’m more or less immune to sunburn - which is quite strange, considering the fact that I’m ginger. The sun can turn me red, but i feel absolutely no pain at all. I consider it my ginger super power. Like, “He’s the Daywalker” - kind of power. Yet neither Marvel or DC Universe seemed impressed enough to make me a character in their respective franchises.

STS: Does being ginger mean anything to you in particular? Do you feel it adds personality to your character?

P: Well, though gingers are a somewhat rare breed in Denmark, I’ve never considered it to add anything particular to my character as such; I spent most of my younger years being referred to as The Red Baron by my friends, which was kinda awesome. Many people have asked if I’m Irish or Scottish due to my gingerness and surname, and I’ve always taken it as a compliment!

STS: Gingers are incredibly rare. Have you ever used your unique hair colour to get out of a bad situation or to help out in some way?

P: Well, I’ve sworn never to use my powers for evil, so mostly I remain dormant. But seing as how red hair is considered a gene defect, I’m pretty sure gingers have potential to be super villains if exposed to atomic waste.

STS: With the news that National Geographic Magazine has said gingers will go extinct by 2060 how does that make you feel?

P: Back To The Future also said that we’d have hover-boards and pink, self-tying Nike boots by 2015, but I don’t see that happening either.

STS: Any funny or interesting stories about being ginger?

P: When i was a kid, I didn’t like having red hair. So one time i dyed it green. Didn’t help. Also, I have no freckles on my right elbow after a bad, drunken bike crash that took of a good patch of skin. Skin grew back, but no freckles.

STS: Cheers for the chat Peter!