Battle for Glasgow

Scottish Local Elections

So it's another election in Scotland. You might wonder why Student Tours Scotland cares about the local council elections and I suppose I can understand why. However I've been working quite closely with people from Dumfries and Galloway; Scottish Borders; Argyll and Bute and Glasgow City Council over the last year or so in coming up with day trips and walking tours.

For me investment is needed in tourism. There is a huge gap in the tourism market for more exploration in the towns and cities. Glasgow for example gets a great deal of tourists but many of these are only exposed to the City Centre and the so-called 'West End' (despite the city going further West than Byres Road).

Student Tours Scotland strongly hopes that those elected today will pay close attention to the potential all across Glasgow City for tourism. The history of the Gorbals; the beauty of Hogganfield Loch; the Highland Cows mooing away in central Pollok; the castle ruin at Crookston; Mary Queen of Scots connections across the south side and the myths and legends all across Glasgow are but a small sample of what's on offer.

Most Glaswegians have never seen the Lady Well hidden away behind the Tennents Brewery or ever passed through China Town in Cowcaddens and Saracen. Most have never ventured East beyond High Street into the history of Bridgeton, Calton and Dalmarnock. Few have ventured to Darnley Mill or watched the heron fly past in Rosshall Park. Only a handful have seen sunset from Ruchill, Springburn or Cathkin Braes and fewer still have walked the White Cart Way.

I hope that todays elected council can put aside their party politics and really make a different in Glasgow. They say that this election was for the Battle of Glasgow. I say that the battle has only just begun.