Best View in Glasgow

Cathkin Braes Country Park

Few places in Glasgow offer as a good a view as those of Queens Park, Springburn Park and Ruchill Park however there is one that wins by a long shot. After taking the number 31 bus from St. Enochs Centre to Carmmunock, our wee squad of adventurers were ready to head to the deepest south of the City of Glasgow. Student Tours Scotland likes to show off the best Glasgow has to offer and it doesn't come better than the awesome and dizzy heights of Cathkin Braes Country Park. The quiet, tranquil meadows from Carmmunock Village to the park itself are a welcome change from the bustle of the main city below you. Approaching the Northern Edges of the Park you have the so-called 'Big Wood' with its tiny wee waterfall and plenty of awesome trees. It's the view over Glasgow and beyond that you get from the Radio Mast near Queen Mary's Seat though that ultimately makes the Country Park worthwhile. It's not an easy place to reach but certainly if you only visit one park in Glasgow, Cathkin Braes Country Park is a good one to go for.