Castlemilk Woodlands or The Case of the Missing Glasgow Park Signs

Stolen and Missing Glasgow Park Signs

In Glasgow and Rutherglen there are a lot of parks. So many that nearly every corner leads to a new green space. Glasgow alone has over 100 parks and gardens. Some are mighty like the expansive Pollok Country Park in the South West of the city (the largest urban city park in Europe). Others are tiny like the Millenium Suite in Govanhill and Carmmunock Village Green in the south.

Regardless of size, Glasgow and South Lanarkshire take their parks seriously. Glasgow is known as the 'dear green place' due to it's abundance of greenery. Glasgow City Council mark each of their parks, schools, cemeteries, walkways, play areas and more with a rectangular green sign featuring the council logo and the name of the park. Sadly many of these are badly damaged or graffiti ridden. Even worst is the fact that a number of signs appear to be missing entirely. 

Cowlairs Park in Glasgow North, a mere shadow of it's former self, has no signage at present beyond that on Google Maps. Bridgeton Park in the South East features some cool industrial art in the form of a stone circle but it also has no clear markings. Both Budhill Park and Barrachnie Park in Glasgow East have had their signs removed recently as well.

Why is this happening? Is it all down to drunken antics where someone desperately needs to have the Bridgeton Park sign proudly displayed above their door? Could it be a conspiracy where sign collecting aliens are slowly stealing our signage? A more sinister (and highly likely) reason could be scrap metal thefts. Recently the Gorbals Rose Garden burial ground had it's showpiece metal art rose destroyed in a failed bid to sell it for scrap. It is now beyond repair. 

A lighter side of the story however emerged this week at the Castlemilk/ Fernhill border between Glasgow and Rutherglen. There is a place of legend in this region. They call it, the 'Hole in the Wall'. It's a literal break in the boundary where wayward travellers from Fernhill, Rutherglen can enter the woodlands of Castlemilk, Glasgow. On one side of Fernhill Road the bus stops proudly display Glasgow City Council logos. On the other side, South Lanarkshire Council logos. This is no mans land. The local youths also despise one another - for the simple reason of differences in locations.

On Thursday 23 August 2012 (a mere five days ago) Glasgow City Council erected another 'Castlemilk Woodlands' sign in the area (a project to promote the woodlands and Castlemilk Park has been ongoing here - signs for the park have sprouted up too). Fernhill Road at the 'Hole in the Wall' is perhaps not the best choice for a sign like this. It's almost like it was taunting the Fernhill folk. I gave it until the weekend before it vanished. Surprisingly I was wrong, however somewhere between 0700 hours and 1800 hours on Monday 27 August 2012, the 'Castlemilk Woodlands' sign on Fernhill Road was gone (along with one of the supporting poles). 

It's still a sad state of affairs but perhaps Glasgow City Council and South Lanarkshire Council will think twice before doing such a move again. Even the Tormusk Road entrance to Castlemilk at Fernhill Road does not display a 'Welcome to Glasgow' sign (one of the only boundaries in the city not to). 

But fear not wary traveller. There are plenty more signs for the woodlands and the park in Castlemilk. The area is very historic and worth exploring. Just don't mention Fernhill when you do.