Clyde Football Club and Rutherglen: A Homecoming

Rutherglen and Clyde FC

Football is often joked to be the number one 'religion' in Glasgow and the West of Scotland. However there is a lot of truth in the statement. There are countless teams in and around the city. One team close the heart of many south side Glaswegians and especially in the neighbouring (and bordering) town of Rutherglen, is Clyde FC. Founded originally in Bridgeton they moved across the River Clyde and made their prominent home in Shawfield Stadium in the Shawfield district of the Royal Burgh of Rutherglen.

This historic team have been important in the history of football in Glasgow and Scotland. For much of the past two decades Clyde FC have left south east Glasgow and been based in North Lanarkshire. With the lease on their current stadium about to expire they had been rumoured to move elsewhere. Recently it has emerged they are thinking of moving back to Rutherglen. As a Rugloanian and a Glaswegian, Student Tours Scotland strongly supports this move as it will bring a great tourism resource back to the Royal Burgh of Rutherglen. It would also be a great boost for the local Rutherglen team, Glencairn FC. 

We'll be following this news closely over the next month and so should you. For tourism in Glasgow and it's surroundings to really take off we need to play off all our strengths. The history and passion associated with Clyde FC is just one more positive thing that Rutherglen can offer. Hopefully the deal will be sealed and Clyde and Rutherglen can take their futures into their own hands, together.