Dear Green Glasgow: Cardonald Park and Football Pitches

Each week, Student Tours Scotland looks into a different park or Green Space around the City of Glasgow. This week we look at one of the weirdest Glasgow City Council parks in the boundaries. 

Cardonald Park is a strange entity in Glasgow. It was acquired by the Glasgow Corporation in 1928 and originally consisted of no less than eighteen large football pitches and an old men's shelter. These days it's a shadow of it's former self. Like most things in Glasgow in the 1960's it suffered from so-called 'progress' when the M8 motorway ripped through the heart of Glasgow. These days it's actually separated from Cardonald itself by the highway. It still contains some football pitches though and is throughly used by the folk around this part of Glasgow. It's also a welcome green space in a part of the city which sorely needs one.