Dear Green Glasgow: Custom House Quay Gardens

Like a phoenix from the ashes: Custom House Quay Gardens is back in Glasgow!

We were promised, in Glasgow, a makeover of Custom House Quay Gardens in the St. Encoh area at some point in 2012 over summer. It didn't happen. Student Tours Scotland has long thought that this was a particularly sad state of affairs considering it is one of the few parts of the River Clyde accessible from the City Centre and Merchant City. It was considered one of the Glasgow District Council Local Parks in the 1994 list but was delisted after the millenium due to lack of interest on the part of the now, Glasgow City Council. 

With much attention on the tourism of Glasgow during the Commonwealth Games in 2014, Student Tours Scotland was happy to hear that Custom House Quay Gardens would be given a makeover. It was particularly heart breaking when it didn't happen. Thankfully, in 2013, the work has finally been done. What was once a junkie-ridden, litter-strewn mess has now become a lovely little green space in the St. Enoch area. With the sun shining on our tour there in July 2013, we were surprised to see so many Glaswegians enjoying themselves at the park.

Custom House is situated at the end of the street here (Clyde Street) near St. Enoch Square and it is from this building that the Quay and its gardens take the name. Hopefully Glasgow City Council have finally got things right here and this lovely place will become something special to more Glaswegian and not just Student Tours Scotland attendees.