Dear Green Glasgow: Toryglen Park

Toryglen Park, Glasgow

Glasgow has a lot of green space. In fact, it has more green space, per head than anywhere in Europe! Student Tours Scotland takes you this week to Toryglen Park in Glasgow South. It's a large expanse, although a shadow of it's former self. It's near the Regional Football Centre and Hampden Park Stadium. Both of these venues will be featured in the Commonwealth Games in 2014. 

The park however has a piece of history attached with it. Along with the nearby Malls Mire in Rutherglen's Burnhill Area, it formed the escape route for Mary, Queen of Scots after she lost the Battle of Langside. Recently, I noticed that Glasgow City Council seem to be digging up Toryglen Park and that the park signage has been removed. It wasn't the nicest of parks but it is a shame to see it being treated so badly. There were pockets of trees all around it that made it stand out. Although, the plans for the area seem good enough as it will become an Older Persons Residential Care Home some time soon. The PDF of the plans can be seen here and do include retaining the park outside of the development.

So, next time you're heading for Toryglen ASDA supermarket. Take a moment to stop and think that one day, Mary, Queen of Scots actually fled this area and the nearby one in Rutherglen via Polmadie. History is all around us in Glasgow.