Erasmus en Escocia #01 - First Days in Glasgow Scotland

First Glimpses of Erasmus life in Glasgow

As I write this, it’s not even my first week here in Glasgow. I’ve just been kicked out from ‘Walkabout’ bar and I have the feeling this is going to happen quite often. I called Freddy (my friend) and we went into ‘Lauders’ bar, and this is where it all starts.

So finally we were in Scotland. The first thing you notice here in Glasgow is that there's no sun anymore. Probably it is gone forever, I’m wondering about that. Afterwards, you'll get your first baptism with Sco(tt)ish rain and the Sco(tt)ish accent which actually, sounds like a little bit my city, strange, isn’t it?.
So the Spanish team (coming from Zaragoza) arrive in a city where people are calling themselves ‘Glescae’ or something like that. We were ready to have fun for a whole year. We were wet, not ge(tt)ing a s**t of what people were talking about, got a huge rip-off at ‘Saintsbury’s’ supermarket near Buchanan Street, but three hours later, we went into this bar called ‘Lauders’, had some Sco(tt)ish beers and we started loving the place.

The first night wasn’t that good - except for the beers. We took a bedding pack from Glasgow Caledonian University Accommodation (Caledonian Court) guys, and it felt like paper. I had the feeling I was putting myself in an envelope, about to be shipped back to Spain. But hey, what did you expect for fifteen pounds? The next day we spent about triple to buy a new ‘Ikea’ bedding pack. Nevermind about the bedding stuff, the room felt like a palace, there were some iron marks on the floor (you can iron your stuff on the floor apparently and it will be perfectly ok except for the fitted carpet) but apart from that, after a week I’m like at home in there. Wonderful place this "Caley Court".

And then (and I don’t know why we keep signing up for his walk tours), Gary appeared. First time you meet him and he tells you that the most important rule you should follow is "just don’t die" you’ll think, "this guy is absolutely wasted, i now understand many things going on in here". But, you know, he's the kind of guy you’ll consider a member of your family with only knowing him for a day or so. So we kept coming to his walks and the more you see about the city, the more you like it. Weather is awful and drinking is expensive, but people are trying to help you out at their most, even if they can’t. So that is much appreciated guys. You really make people feel like home.

The third day, i ran this ‘Great Sco(tt)ish Run’. I love running and I signed up two months ago for the half marathon. Listening to the anthem of Scotland live while you are running is awesome. You feel just so motivated to run. That will fade out when you’ve run for one hour and a half and you’ll hate yourself for enrolling in the race. I was visiting the toilet quite often this week - so ‘just don’t run’, I’ve discovered drinking is much more fun than doing any kind of sports, and you always meet new people!

Afterwards, we visited the River Clyde and Glasgow Green, and after some hours we went out.

I shall say that going out in Glasgow is kind of unpredictable. I’ve only been in the city for a week, and I’ve already be asked for gay sex (twice), for money (they only wanted a quarter pound, not any more) and kicked out from a pub because i was calmly drinking a beer on the dancefloor and apparently, that is not allowed. My arm was out of the dancefloor and I was in, but the huge security guy from ‘Walkabout’ didn’t get that.

So after a whole week (and a day - hangover day) in Glasgow I already love this city. People are just so nice, guys from my flat in Caledonian Court (Eldon) are amazingly cool (we even knew the guy that used to be in my room, he got a tattoo which says "Eldon FTW), parties in the kitchen are becoming legendary again (although Tesco didn’t want to deliver the one hundred beers we asked for but we had a really good time partying on Wednesday here anyway) and it seems it’s going to be a really good year here in Glasgow!

Thanks for all, Glasgow!