Erasmus en Escocia #02 - Zombies and Partying Hard

Victor from Zaragoza is back this week with another installment of his Erasmus en Escocia blog. This time we have everything from flesh eating zombies to cheap games of paintball. Sometimes I think he takes some of our Student Tours Scotland tours too seriously.

"Our second and third week started with paranormal and creepy stuff going on. Our beloved and so called, ‘love room’ (shared room with two beds so you can imagine why we call it that way) turned into our very own ‘Bermuda Triangle’ room. This week two more guys disappeared. It has now happened three times in a row. People come in but they never come out. And recently, we also got some cool stories from Gary (from Student Tours Scotland) at the graveyard. We are pretty sure that there’s huge evidence that the ‘love room’ is an entrance door to either Narnia or a Strip club.

At the beginning of the second week, we visited Edinburgh (which sounds like "a dim bra", the kind of bra you’ll find in ‘Poundland’), an incredible city with its own charm. We got into the castle for free and visited some hills, and we even heard two really interesting and true stories about dragons, monsters and princess that slept around (there seems to be a shortage of trustworthy girls in Gary's amazing tales), and finally we came back home without breaking the number one rule. Nobody died. Hopefully that’s because he didn’t count people anyway.

After some huge parties in Eldon (our home in our accommodation), such as the well-known ‘Eldon's Wednesdays’ or the amazing ‘drinking-beer-cause-its-healthy Sundays’, there 's also been time for some more trips. Crookston Castle and the jungle walk, or the soaking walk to the top peak of Loch Lomond's hill are two examples.

Full day trips are always special, and many of them include the sentence, “please guys, do not do what Declan and Freddy will be telling you to do" (two of our flatmates), but Loch Lomond was even more special, because five minutes later, half of the people were following our two friends up to the hill. Even though when we were going up, there was a river under our boots, and a waterfall above our heads.

In the end, we spent half an hour drying everything, buying new socks and putting plastic bags on them because the trainers were like ‘Sponge Bob’. Wrong clothes for an amazing trip that took us to a small beach and a nice path through the forest.

On Monday, we played football with the GCU Football team (really good players there) and with the guys from the ESN (Erasmus Students Network). It would have been our healthiest week since we arrived to Glasgow except for the almost every day of parties that we threw in Eldon. For some reason, people like drinking on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays as if the weekend was almost there. We are trying not to encourage people to do it, but we could never reject anyone that comes into the kitchen with a ‘Tennents’ in his/her hand asking for hard partying.

This upcoming weekend will also be amazing as we got a £600 paintball game for 20 people on sale, so it's only costing us £60. Hannes (a friend from Germany) booked a car on Saturday to go hiking to Ben Lomond, and on Sunday we’ll be going to Oban, for another crazy trip with Gary and Student Tours Scotland. But this time we are ready for everything: rain, snow, jungles, and policemen arresting us for breaking into graveyards at night (it never happened but as you all know – it could) or even the guys that disappeared two weeks ago in love room, trying to eat our brains. The theory of Eldon's Zombies is being taken into account at the moment.

More info about our life in Glasgow next week. Cheers!"