Erasmus en Escocia #03: Strength to Strength

The party continues

So finally the strip club is closed (see previous BLOG for references), the zombies are gone, and ‘Narnia’ was saved.  That means that no more people have disappeared in these past few  weeks, (well only one has, but we didn’t even know his name) and a Japanese guy has finally settled into room number five in our accommodation.

The past few weeks have been very exciting even though uni is getting harder (if seven hours a week could be called ‘hard work’). After an incredible paintball game in which we skipped the golden rule of ‘Just Don’t Die’, we went partying all day, every day to prepare ourselves for the amazing ESN Sub Srawl (see ESN GCU HERE).

For those who missed it or don’t know what is it about, let’s put it in this way: ‘sco(tt)ish’ people love drinking and having fun, Glasgow city has an outstanding, riveting and ‘huge’ subway system (metro, underground, not the subway with sandwiches we are all thinking about), and the most important of our facts, the rate of pubs per per person in Glasgow is the same as the number of stickers you guys have in every entrance door (fire door, keep shut).  It’s seriously like each door here is fire, nuclear-bomb protected, and we wouldn’tknow that fact if the sticker wouldn't be there?!

So the ESN guys thought, if there's almost a club per person here, there should be a bar near each Subway Station, so what if we grab a drink at each stop ? Challenge accepted! One hundred people, two seperate groups, and so much fun made for an awesome event!

Meanwhile back in Eldon kitchen at our accommodation - seventy litres of sangria were being prepared.

So after the Sub Crawl hangover, the same people (around a hundred) came to our kitchen for a huge Spanish sangria party which not only wasn’t crushed by our security friends but also achieved a new world record: all the booze gone in under thirty minutes. None of us were surprised at the fact that i didn’t get into the nightclub afterwards.

The cold war of Victor VS the bouncers had another hilarious episode when they told me I was drunk (because my face was red – although I had gotten sunburnt twice in Scotland after only ten minutes of sun) and didn’t like my face. I told them,  "this is going to be on Facebook, it’s so unfair", and they answered, pointing at their faces: "take a photo and tag me if you dare boy". I didn’t remember his name.

Weekend time was booked for Student Tours Scotland day trips, and we went into the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park to see some waterfalls and river rapids. We made some stops at a town called Killin (the best part of the trip was walking by the ‘Killin' Time shop) and Callander. Some really nice views and photos!

This past weekend we visited Loch Ness and had the chance to get into a private property where we got some awesome pictures of the loch (Nessie is fed up of Spanish tourists and she had a terrible Sunday hangover so she didn’t show up this time. No one even considered the stupid, wrong and false theory that she never existed.

After some highland giant dog-cows photos and a Fort Augustus walk we went home wondering when we’ll visit Fort September or Fort October.

These weeks finished like the former ones, with a huge party at the accommodation which was crushed five times, a huge party at our kitchen which was crushed twice and the threat that our kitchen will be reported as the party building and will be closed to the public until 2014.

And on the 31st October, we’ll have a costume party. It’s always great fun in here in Scotland!