Forever Student Tips #04: Reflections on Glasgow

Alisa frequently blogs for Student Tours Scotland. She sadly left Glasgow two months ago but we've kept in touch (mostly because we know she'll be back) so she can keep on giving us updates from Canada.

As some of you might know from my previous articles, Glasgow is pretty much my second home. After studying there two (ish) years ago, I returned this year for ten months and have only recently made my way back to my official homeland, Canada.

While it is always great to be home, there are still so many things I miss about Glasgow. So here is a list of some of the things I miss that maybe you guys will too, or for those of you that are there right now, some things to appreciate:

- the beautiful architecture that the United Kingdom has to offer. I even miss those lovely cobblestone streets that I cursed many a time trying to walk to the clubs in heels. Canada is a great place to live, but it is very modern and the design just isn't the same.

- I miss Witherspoons, for all its cheap food and drink glory. And on the subject of drinking - nothing beats the Glasgow nightlife. Truly you haven't seen drinking until you've come out of a club around 2 -3am in Glasgow and taken a look at all the slobbering messes out and about - always something new to see, that's for sure! I miss ABC, and Garage and Kushion and Sugar Cube international nights. Neon Face Painting, themes, beer pong tournaments. I miss it all.

- I miss being able to walk everywhere or take advantage of the awesome public transit system. I miss knowing there is something new to discover or some really cool place to go to nearby that I've never been before. I miss picnicking at Loch Lomond, touring the beautiful streets of Edinburgh and most of all, the cone head statue in front of GOMA!

- I especially miss being so close to the rest of europe, and the cheap Ryanair flights that allowed me to really take advantage of my time over there.

- I even almost miss the Glaswegians! While that accent might just haunt me for the rest of my life, I can't deny it does my heart good to hear the odd 'Scottish Twang' here in Canada.

- So for all you that have left, I hope I have reminded you of some of the things you loved about Glasgow - and for all you just arriving, you have so much to look forward to.

Keep living the dream for me.