Friendship Blossoms In Galloway Forest Park

Team Buidling with Student Tours Scotland

This weekend, Student Tours Scotland delves deep into Galloway Forest Park. It's a great drive, even when things don't quite go to plan. Like this tale from 2015.

This weekend Student Tours Scotland bursts down the M77 Motorway and invades the wonderfully peaceful (well, at least until we arrive), Galloway Forest Park. It’s my second favourite tour (I’m the ginger one you’ve probably met on some of the events).

Like an American highway unfolding in front of you, the main roads through the park are long, straight in most places and seemingly endless. They hold a kind of majesty that I can’t really describe however, you have to really experience it.

Galloway Forest Park is not my close second simply because of it’s boundless wonder and beauty. No, the South West of Scotland charms everyone and creates a bond between the group that I can’t really explain.

Last year, around this time, we loaded the minibus and headed due south towards Girvan on the coastal road. The coach was teeming with students ready to take on the mystery of the forest paths. We got to the coast and you could feel the energy explode forth from the cheery grins everyone had in the morning sun. I’m sure the coffee helped as well of course.

As we made our way inland towards Glentrool the bus began to creak and groan. It wasn’t happy. It was like an old door, in need of some tender loving care. The coach came to a halt outside Pinmore Village and then stopped. We were stranded. In the middle of nowhere. With nothing.

As we waited on a relief coach, I expected the group to become unstable, fall apart and eventually turn on themselves. Around us was a farm and a hill. Then of course there was the never ending road before us. It was a matter of time until the animal instincts took over and we would begin by sacrificing the weakest amongst us.

However, as the sun reached it’s apex, something wonderful happened. The spirit of the Forest Park emanated through us and the group became something more than simply tourist on the same coach trip. With the shade of the Two Pins Community Council notice board giving us a place to escape to, I watched as the attendees grew closer. Some chased some sheep to see if they could see what they felt like, others climbed the hill for a great view across the town of Girvan. Cards were dealt and friendships formed. People found their favourite movies and more than a couple were shocked at those who had never seem Mean Girls. Charmander was the best Pokemon by far and I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many selfies taken.

Suddenly the coach arrived to relieve us and we were on our way deeper into the park. I don’t know if this strong a bond would form so easily on just any old tour. With Galloway Forest Park though, there is something in the air, something that brings you together.