Glasgow and the case of the missing easter egg and rabbit

The Big Easter Egg Hunt UK gets more than it bargained for in Glasgow

It's a genius idea: take 101 giant Easter Eggs and some bunnies and hide them around Glasgow. Raise some money for charity and give everyone a chance to have fun - it's an innocent idea at heart. The Big Egg Hunt (sponsored by Lindt) has hidden 101 eggs (and possibly a secret 102nd) around Glasgow. You buy a map and can go find them all. Needless to say I'm excited and looking forward to doing it on Monday.

However, there is a problem - Glasgow. By the time the event started today egg number 53 was gone. Only the plinth outside the Tron Church on Buchanan Street remained. News broke soon after that one of the St. Enoch Square bunnies was missing too, I highly doubt they have eloped, but you never know!

It's a sad fact that this kind of thing happens in Glasgow. There are a few Glasgow Parks missing their signs and I can think of more than a few friends who have a traffic cone in their homes. Glasgow seems to attract this kind of thing. I can only hope that the egg is found and that the bunny rabbit survives the experience.

If you want to join the hunt you can do so until Wedneday. More information HERE.