Glasgow: I Love This City

Second City

There are some days in Glasgow when I just honestly want to scream. Like anywhere you call home there are days when it drives you mad. Then there are days like today when you remember just why you love the place.

Upon arriving at my bus stop in the South East of the City today on a rather sunny morning I was heartened to see my (usually late) bus arrive on time. I sat down quickly only to discover that apparently First Bus (the company running the buses) had decided to save money by purchasing seats that are essentially the very basic that is needed for legal standards. My arse (that's ass for any Americans reading) was not too happy. The bus ride just got more and more hilarious. The driver was off like the clappers (very very fast) and decided each and every pot hole was to be run over. It was like a free roller coaster in the morning to prepare me for the day ahead.

On entering the city centre the City Council had kindly provided me with a banner reading "Glasgow" just in case I forgot what the city was called and I managed to get stuck in the Starbucks Disabled Toilet for seven minutes - not my finest moment. I spilled a coffee over my leg (very warm coffee) and slipped on a drain and almost fell on my arse (ass, America, ass).

At lunch I was almost knocked down by around 100 kids fleeing the forced fun that was being staged at the City's Royal Concert Hall, forgot to read Garfield before binning my Newspaper and once again almost fell on my arse.

However, through all of this there was a set of traffic lights, bent over almost to right angles with the road looking like some idiot driver had reversed into them. I smiled. Only in Glasgow could something this hilarious happen on such an awful day. A tramp said the nicest thing to me when I gave him £1; my friend gave me their last can of Irn Bru; I found another copy of the newspaper and managed to read Garfield; I saw a Saxophone player teach a young girl how to play the maracas along to his music; two long lost neds hugged as if seeing each other for the first time in years and the scary statue man was breaking his role and having a cheeky cigarette with the passers by on Buchanan Street.

And then I fell on my arse.

I love Glasgow. You should too!