Glasgow Prepares for Sighthill Park 2.0

Reaching New Sights in Sighthill, Glasgow

Thursday 13 June 2013 saw Glasgow City Council host an executive meeting in Scotstoun to try and boost public attendance. One of the key items, and one particularly close to Student Tours Scotland's heart, was the proposed redevelopment of Sighthill and Sighthill Park in Glasgow North. For those of you who have been paying attention, Gary Robert Brown (i.e. me) is incredibly closely involved in watching how this proceeds. Every semester, Student Tours Scotland operates a Glasgow Walk to this area of the city. However, in Winter/ Spring 2013, due to high demand we operated no less than four tours to Sighthill Park and Cemetery (See HERE for some pictures from the most recent tour there).

Sighthill Park was created in the 1980's as the largest green space in Glasgow City since the Victorian Era - that is no small feat. The city that calls itself 'Dear Green Place' has no less than 100 parks and gardens (see HERE for information from Glasgow City Council) and in total at least 400 green spaces within the city limits. Sighthill itself is an area currently undergoing a lot of regeneration. Glasgow is shortlisted to host the 2018 Youth Olympics alongside Medellin, Columbia and Buenos Aires, Argentina and will find out this summer if our bid is successful. The proposed area for the Olympic Athletes Village is the new Sighthill. 

Regardless of how our bid goes Sighthill as an area will see change. There will be a new Sighthill and with it a new Sighthill Park. Today saw Glasgow City Council vote in favour to pass the proposals to reposition Sighthill Park (see HERE for the proposal under 'Sighthill Park.doc'). This means the park as we currently know it will be completely changed. If you look at the pdf proposal HERE (under 'Sighthill Park - Plan 1.pfg) you can see rather ambitious and rather impressive plans for Sighthill Park. Student Tours Scotland is very much in favour of a redevelopment of this area and the park. It is currently not very easy to access from the City Centre and despite it's size (see HERE under 'Sighthill - Plan 2.pdf') it is much underused. 

However, as many of you will already know, Sighthill Park Stone Circle is the highlight of our tours to this location and currently it is missing from the plans. A proposed walkway will run right through the centre of the stone circle and this means it may be no more. It would be sad loss for Glasgow to see it's only pagan style monument vanish without a trace. For a history of the Sighthill Park Stone Circle see HERE. Duncan Lunan, creator of the monument and many others are campaigning as best they can to ensure the circle is featured somewhere in the new plans for Sighthill Park. To be fair, Glasgow City Council have not yet said that the circle will be playing no part in the new Sighthill and have said they will do what they can to include it. This is indeed welcome news.

So it is with impatience that Student Tours Scotland, the people of Sighthill and the rest of Glasgow wait to hear the fate of our stone circle that we have affectionately come to know as SightHenge. Hopefully Glasgow City Council will see sense and include it somewhere in the new Sighthill Park. Until then, we can only hope.