Glasgow Sem Fronteiras #03 - Guilherme

Every week, Student Tours Scotland is speaking with a student in Glasgow who is from Brazil and is studying on the Science Without Borders (Ciência Sem Fronteiras) programme. It's a great chance for them to experience studying in Glasgow as well as getting a chance to see what life here is like. This week we interview a student from the Univeristy of Strathclyde.

Student Tours Scotland: Hello, so, who are we talking to today? Name, age, where you come from in Brazil, your home place of study?

Guilherme: Hello! My name is Guilherme, or just Gui to make it easier to pronounce for my English speaking friends. I am 21 years old and I come from a city called Santo André, in São Paulo, where I study in Brazil.

STS: What was your FIRST experience in Glasgow after arriving?

G: My first experience here was a visit to Glasgow Cathedral with my friends. I remember seeing that amazing building while going from the airport to my university and it happened to be really close to my accommodation. I’ve always been fascinated by ancient castles and cathedrals, places where you can almost feel the history they hold. That’s when I realized that Glasgow was perfect for me because even being one of the most modern cities I have ever seen it also holds a very classical air. A walk through Buchanan Street and anyone can understand what I’m saying by seeing a very modern commercial area with very classical and beautiful buildings.

STS: Are you enjoying your time in Glasgow? What aspects of life in the city are you most enjoying?

G: Absolutely. The city is amazing and full of life. People are friendly and always in a good mood. There is always something happening, somewhere to go and something to do. It is impossible to be bored in Glasgow.

STS: Have you managed to do any touring around Scotland while here with Science Without Borders (UK)?

G: Whenever the university life allowed I tried to visit and explore a little bit more of Scotland. I visited some really fantastic places like Edinburgh, the famous Loch Ness that I have to say it is absolutely awesome, Loch Lomond and others.

STS: Would you encourage other students from Brazil, who are thinking of going abroad with Science Without Borders (UK) to study in Glasgow? If yes, why?

G: Definitely yes. Glasgow is a city that has something to offer to all kinds of people. No matter what you like to do, what you like to eat or what you like to listen to, Glasgow has something for you. It is a place where you can study in some of the best universities of the UK and also live in a fantastic city.

STS: What will you miss the most from Glasgow when you return to Brazil?

G: The easiest answer would be 'everything'. It’s really hard to pick just one thing when there are some many things to like about Glasgow. One that I will surely miss is the street performers. Walking on the streets in Glasgow is always a musical experience; you can find very good artists playing all kinds of musical, from the traditional bagpipes to rock n’ roll. I find it absolutely amazing.

STS: What one thing would you tell an incoming student that they HAD to do in Glasgow?

G: I would certainly recommend a day walking through the city centre, taking a picture with the horseman and his cone hat, of course, a visit to Kelvingrove Museum, a meal in one of the nice restaurants of the city and, if they are not too tired, a pint in one of the many cool pubs.

STS: Would you come back to Glasgow in the future?

G: Yes, definitely. If I ever have the chance to return to Europe I would certainly include Glasgow in my list of places to visit, not only for all the fantastic memories I have of this place but also because of the welcoming environment of Glasgow and Scotland.

STS: Cheers for chatting with us Guilherme!

G: Cheers! Good bye!