Glasgow Sem Fronteiras #16 - Rafael

Ciências sem Fronteiras in Glasgow!

Student Tours Scotland is back this week with another of our Brazilian students on the Ciências sem Fronteiras programme - this week we go back to Glasgow Caledonian University.

Student Tours Scotland (STS): Hello, so, who are we talking to today? Name, age, where you come from in Brazil, your home place of study?

Rafael (R): Hello y'all my name is Rafael, I'm 22 and I study at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, in Natal, which, by the way, is my hometown. In Glasgow, I was studying International Product Design at Glasgow Caledonian University.

STS: Why choose Glasgow, Rafael? What made you decide it was the place to go with Ciências sem Fronteiras - Science Without Borders UK Scholarship?

R: Charles Rennie Mackintosh was one of the biggest reasons for me to choose Glasgow over London. I love his designs. Also, Glasgow is smaller than London and this sounds comfortable to me.

STS: What was your FIRST experience in Glasgow after arriving?

R: Cold weather and seeing snow for the very first time.

STS: Did you enjoy your time in Glasgow? What aspects of life in the city did you most enjoy?

R: Hell yeah! Glasgow is amazing. I love the architecture, the infinite options of pubs and restaurants and the nightlife.

STS: Have you managed to do any touring around Scotland while here with Ciências sem Fronteiras - Science Without Borders UK Scholarship?

R: Yep! I've been to Loch Lomond, Aberdeen, Dundee, Stonehaven, Arbroath, Edinburgh, Stirling, Ayr, Aviemore and I still want to visit Inverness, Shetland and Isle of Skye.

STS: Would you encourage other students from Brazil, who are thinking of going abroad with Science Without Borders (UK) to study in Glasgow? If yes, why?

R: Nah! Leave Glasgow alone! Too many Brazucas here. Jokes aside though, Glasgow it's a really nice city to live. It has everything that a student could possibly need and if not, London is just a few miles away.

STS: What will you miss the most from Glasgow when you return to Brazil?

R: The Weather, yes the weather. Believe me, I love this cold. I'm also gonna miss the Scottish people, my Scottish friends, this incredible Victorian Architecture, the parks and the gig venues.

STS: What one thing would you tell an incoming student that they HAD to do in Glasgow?

R: Ubiquitous Chip. Best place for food in Scotland. It's just amazing. Might be a bit expensive though, but worth a try.

STS: Cheers for chatting with us Rafael!