Glasgow Sem Fronteiras #18: Pedro

A View from Back Home

Student Tours Scotland continues to interview some of the hundreds of Brazilian students who have left Brazil on the Ciências sem Fronteiras - Science Without Borders UK Scholarship. This week we catch up with Pedro Oselame from Rio Grande do Sul in the south of the country.

Student Tours Scotland (STS): Hello, so, who are we talking to today? Name, age, where you come from in Brazil, your home place of study?

Pedro (P): I am Pedro Oselame, 23 years old and I come from the south of Brazil, a beautiful state called Rio Grande do Sul. I was born in Caxias do Sul, but now I work and study at the capital Porto Alegre (where I drink my delicious chimarrão).

STS: Why choose Glasgow, Pedro? What made you decide it was the place to go with Ciências sem Fronteiras - Science Without Borders UK Scholarship?

P: Well, technically it was the lack of options (sorry). What happened was that originally I wanted to study in Edinburgh, but there weren't any universities offering my course there. Since I really wanted to study in Scotland, I just had Glasgow to choose from and had to settle with it. After a couple of months I realized the city was awesome and I had been very lucky.

STS: What is your earliest memory of arriving in Glasgow - any funny or weird experience?

P: Well, the absolute first thing that happened to me in Glasgow was that I got to the accommodation and realized I had forgotten to pack a towel. After flying all the way from Brazil, all you want is a shower. So I went down and talked to the guy on the security office asking where I could buy a towel at 9pm on a Thursday in Glasgow. He didn't really answer me, but he gave me a towel instead. That was a great first impression of Scots.

STS: Now that you've gone home, did you enjoy your time in Glasgow? What aspects of life in the city did you most enjoy?

P: I really enjoyed Glasgow and I miss a lot of things about it. All the pubs at a walking distance. Fish and chips. Street musicians. Weird crazy unusual stuff that only seems to happen there. I have a lot to choose from.

STS: Did you manage to do any touring around Scotland while in Glasgow with Ciências sem Fronteiras - Science Without Borders UK Scholarship?

P: On both semesters I was in Glasgow I tried to go on as many tours as possible. I've been to all the cities (Glasgow, Edinburgh, Perth, Inverness, Stirling, Aberdeen and Dundee), Oban, Ayrshire and many others, but my favorite one was probably Glencoe.

STS: Would you encourage other students from Brazil, who are thinking of going abroad with Ciências sem Fronteiras - Science Without Borders UK Scholarship to study in Glasgow? If yes, why?

P: Absolutely. First: why not? It is one of those kind of experiences you can only gain from. But Glasgow is also an awesome place to live in (especially as a student) and it is really easy to get from Glasgow to almost everywhere in Europe, so you can enjoy the best of Scotland and Europe on the same year haha.

STS: What do you miss the most from Glasgow now you've returned to Brazil?

P: As mentioned, I miss a lot of stuff about Glasgow. But there are two that I'd like to mention here. The first one is the accent. I absolutely hated it. But as everything else about Glasgow, I learned to like it and now watching television listening to English in a "standard" brittish accent is just not the same. And I also really miss all the great people I've met there that made my year awesome.

STS: What one piece of advice would you give students from Brazil thinking of going to Glasgow Ciências sem Fronteiras - Science Without Borders UK Scholarship?

P: One advice? Keep a journal, because you WILL forget everything. I regret not doing it, at least.

STS: Cheers for chatting with us Pedro!

P: De nada, Gary.