Glasgow: The Annoying Side of Life #01 (Katrina and Benjamin)

Not Everything is Perfect in Glasgow

Welcome to a brand new regular blog. We interview students past and present and find out what really bugged them about Scotland. Our first installation comes from Katrina and Benjamin who came from Finland. Here is just a few of the things that really bugged them about Scotland.

- The habit of not taking ones shoes off before entering inside the house. (This one adds annoyment level when there's fitted carpets on floor.)
 - Girls wearing taller heels than their skirt even if it was raining sideways. (Benjamin incidentally thinks they were sometimes a joy to watch but agrees with Katrina that they seemed pretty slutty
 - The price of elecricity with single windows. We had a elecritical roof heating system with electicity heated water boiler in our flat. Throughout first month in the flat we kept all the systems on because the windows and the front door couldn't keep the heat in. We changed our ways from keeping the heating on to wearing more clothes after receiving a £250.00 electricity bill
 - Good coffee was a bit difficult to find. It should always be fresh filtered
 - "Yer in Scontland so learn to understand our accent or bugger off" (Benjamin says, "I'm sorry I only learnt your language but won't excel it")

So there's a few. Feels awful to complain because we really had a good time while being there and these are really minor things.

Katrina and Benjamin are doing really well for themselves now in Finland. We hope they won't forget Scotland though! Come back and visit.