Glasgow’s Got History #002: Here Come the Romans

So the Roman empire took over most of Europe, but they made one mistake - coming to Scotland. Student Tours Scotland has been reading up a little recently on the overall history of Glasgow. It's all about expanding our minds on where the city has come from and where it's going. Everyone knows Glasgow started with St. Mungo, but what came before?

The mighty Roman empire came as far as the area between the Firth of Forth and the Firth of Clyde - roughly just north of the cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow these days. They built a wall here known as the Antonine Wall. This was before the eventual withdrawl of the Romans from Scotland and the creation of the better known, Hadrians Wall.

The Antonine Wall runs mostly through the areas surrounding the current City of Glasgow limits, but there are small segments running through the boundary too. In the areas north of the Possil Marsh and near the Millichen Flood and Farm (north of Summerston) there are some remains of the old line of the wall. You can also see parts over the boundary from the top of Garscadden Wood and the Cleddans Burn area of Drumchapel (from the area shown in the picture). 

The history and importance of these areas should never be taken for granted. The Romans never conquered Scotland their legacy is not as strong here as it was elsewhere but they have an important part to play in the history of Glasgow and this should not be forgotten. You can find out a lot more about the Antonine Wall routes HERE.