Glasgow’s Got History #003: The Saints Come Marching In

Glasgow is a city with a lot of history. Student Tours Scotland recently came across three volumes on the complete past of Glasgow. As we work through them we're sharing some of the tales and legends as well as the facts and figures. 

Everyone in Glasgow knows the name Saint Mungo. Whether you know the tale or not, you know the name. Saint Columba and Saint Patrick are very closely linked with the city of Glasgow. As is Saint Ninian. All three have places and schools named after them around the city. After the Romans took over the south of Scotland and then left, Christianity started to take root. There were those here with the purpose of spreading the religion as best they could.

There is a cool story associated with Saint Patrick that says he was fleeing near Glasgow from the Devil himself! He escaped onto the River Clyde in a vessel and set sail. Unable to follow, Satan unleashed three witches to capture St. Patrick. After he avoided them for long enough, Satan was furious and threw a massive rock at the saint. He missed.

The rock is said to be the massive hillside rock that now stands under Dumbarton Castle ruin on the River Clyde in Dumbarton town. So next time you pass by, take some time to realise just how big the rock is and just how MASSIVE Satan must really be! Scary thought!