Highland Cow Teddy Bears: When People Go Too Far

Highland Cow Teddy Bears

When People Go Too Far With Them

As Student Tours Scotland begins another semester, we head to the University of Strathclyde to host a competition to win another Highland Cow teddy bear. For some people they are a great reminder of life in Scotland. For others, they have a whole life of their own.

It is January 2016, I can not believe it’s now been over four years since Student Tours Scotland was born. We’ve had a lot of weird and wonderful experiences in that time but there has always been one constant - the Highland Cow teddy bear.

Students and tourists alike love these things. Highland Cows are amazing creatures and Student Tours Scotland loves taking you to see them, why some of the best memories on tour come from Highland Cattle. These cute, loveable and curious animals that sulk around a field all day giving you a deep desire to run over and hug them.

A student once said they really wanted to touch a sheep to see if it felt like a cloud. It doesn’t. Sheep are scary, especially if they have those big, curly horns you sometimes get on rams and the like. Touching a sheep is not like touching cotton candy or a cloud (although in all fairness I’ve never touched a cloud). No, no, no, touching a sheep is a massive level-10 let down.

Highland Cows however are awesome, they feel like a rug or that cosy blanket you use on a cold winters night. They have horns too, like the evil sheep, but they tend to use them accidentally or to scratch their arses when they can’t quite find a fence or wire to lean against.

So you can understand the need and want on a Student Tours Scotland tour when we are travelling around sunny Scotland and suddenly it’s bus bingo time. We give away one of these Highland Cow teddy bears every week and the students explode with excitement. The tension on the bus rises to unseen levels as family ignore each other, relationships end and friends forever break ties with each other, all to win the fabled Highland Cow.

Things can go overboard though. Let’s not forget the madness of Gisele the Cow. Gisele is a lovely cow but the students that owned her ended up with a whole interconnected family of cows and Youtube videos of Gisele imittating SpiderMan (see it HERE). This was not even the weirdest part. It’s far from the first time that animals have taken over on the tour but it’s usually living animals that go insane, not the people that own the stuffed variety. Incidentally, even I eventually believed Gisele was real, like a Student Tours Scotland version of Pinnochio.

But I suppose it’s all really just some harmless fun, unless the cow starts talking to you of course. Then it might mean something worst. Today we are giving away another one of these cows to the new population of International Students in Glasgow. What this means for their mental state after the cow has a name and a life we cannot say. But, all Student Tours Scotland knows is that is far from the last one we will unleash upon you.