Hogganfield Loch and Park

Glasgow's Hidden Loch

Glasgow has a lot of parks, gardens and green spaces and Student Tours Scotland wants to show off them all. One of the best is Hogganfield Park as it also is home to a large loch of the same name. We hada small wee group of only four on this tour but we took off from Glasgow City Centre with high hopes. The weather was stunning as the sun was shining. This is pretty rare in Glasgow, even in summer. By the time we got to Riddrie in the North East of the city we were ready to get out and explore. 

What hits you initially is the sheer number of birds everywhere. The island in the middle of Hogganfield Loch is truly one of Glasgow's hidden gems. It's no longer accessible and is a bird sanctuary. There are so many swans, gulls and geese here that you just can't keep track of who just ate the bread you threw. They coexist in some weird harmony.

Walking around here is a joy, especially in the sunshine. Our wee crew really enjoyed themselves. The loch is extensive and the grasslands around it are incredible. The whole area is one of Glasgow's seven Local Nature Reserves (LNR). Nearby there is also the Cardowan Moss Local Nature Reserve (LNR). We took a short break here but didn't have enough time to really explore the place. There were several small ponds but everyone really just wanted another ice cream from the van at Hogganfield Park so we headed back.

If you get a chance to head up there on a sunny day in Glasgow then I really recommend it.