Joe Evans Project Metrographie

Joe Evans: Project Metrographie

Student Tours Scotland talks with Joe Evans who is doing something rather interesting in his spare time. Here is what he had to say:

A couple of months ago, I had a problem: I had been running a blog ( for some time, sharing my experiences of job hunting and trying to promote my graphic design skills at the same time, but what I really needed was a way to show off. It was all well and good talking about design but I really needed to be doing some as well. What I needed was a project to work on alongside my blogs on job hunting and design aesthetics.

Since moving to Paris I've been a little obsessed by the metro. It's massive, it gets you anywhere in the city in half an hour, it's cheap, it's full of idiosyncrasies and everyone has an opinion on it. There are stops on bridges, there are lines 3 stops long, there are stops named after ancient Roman battles, fish markets and  American presidents. It felt fun and inspiring so I made a few graphics for my favourite stops and put up a on my site.

People seemed to like them so, having named the project Metrographie, I pretty quickly started doing them almost every day, I'm currently at about 50. It's proven something of a challenge. Paris has over 300 metro stops and they're mainly named after people or events that I haven't even heard of so I try really hard not just to go for the obvious ones, as it makes it more fun and rewarding for me and also because when I get to the end of the series I don't want to spend weeks just doing the odd outlying stops. Also I like  learning the metro stop trivia (my favourite so far is Berault which derives its name from a Scot)

I also enjoy giving myself extra tasks and sub goals, so on Sundays I post up stops named after saints (of which there are many) when I was in Scotland I did a series of stops on the Glasgow Subway and recently I've been trying really hard to do all the stops on line 1.

My real challenge though is working out what to do with these pictures I've been making. Its been suggested I start selling them somehow but I'm still trying to work out where and in what format. All I know is that at the moment I'm still enjoying making them, I think it is making me a better designer and it's making me enjoy the metro more each day.

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