Kelpies Statues: Myths, Legends and Scottish Tourism

Kelpies: Monsters and Legends

The Kelpies Statues at Grangemouth

Student Tours Scotland is preparing for it's first tour of the Kelpies Statue next weekend. On this tour you get to see the huge beasts up close and personal alongside a few other awesome monuments.

Each year, Student Tours Scotland tries to update the tours to keep them fresh, exciting and new. Not that we really need since Scotland itself is always fresh, exciting and new. In fact, you guys are the freshest, most exciting things about the tours. You’re always doing something to keep me on my toes. However, thankfully, so is Scotland itself. Recently, as if by magic, two massive metal creatures burst out of the ground next to the canal.

The Kelpies Statues at Grangemouth are pretty awesome. Like two megaliths bursting forth from the heart of Scotland they impress over the Motorway. These statues are about as cool as it gets. We’ve only been here once on tour so far but it was awesome. One of the guys was taking a selfie with the Kelpie that looks down and fell flat on his arse in front of a group of children who have clearly got zero shame and insulted the guy in a strong Glaswegian accent. They didn’t look like they were enjoying the Kelpies until that moment and so Student Tours Scotland was more than happy to help make their day better.

For those of you that are not in the know, Kelpies are beasts of legend in Scotland. Depending on the tour, Student Tours Scotland might litter the trip with tales of them as we go. This is something we do for sure on the Kelpies tour (tickets here: They are creatures, usually terrifying in stature that ravish the coasts and lochsides of Scotland looking for their prey. They can appear quite innocent at first and usually take the form of something you desire, need or something that is pleasant to the eye. Horses have long been the form of choice for the kelpie, hence the shape of the statues in Grangemouth.

Generally in Scotland, most myths of the kelpie involve the form of a horse. There are many reasons for this but the most common usually to do with the widespread use of the horse in farming communities and the fact that the people would be familiar with it. Everyone could always use a new horse on the farm, especially a powerful one. And powerful the kelpie would usually be.

The tales of how they capture you or you defeat them are numerous and often end tragically. On our kelpies tour at Student Tours Scotland we will do our best to share a few great tales throughout the day and at the statues themselves. They aren’t the only myths and legends that Scotland has, there are plenty more and the tours offered usually feature quite a few of them. So come along and take some stories away with you to share with your friends and family.