Lena Points #10: The Hanging Tree, Househill Park, Glasgow

Househill Park's Dark Past

Lena is back and this week she is pointing at something particularly cool in Glasgow's South West. Each week Student Tours Scotland heads out in deepest Glasgow with our resident pointer, Lena and uncover something hidden. This week she is in Househill Park in Househillwood. This park is rather large and has a few cool hidden gems - some of the which will feature in future blog posts.

The tree in the image is locally known as, 'The Hanging Tree' or the 'Witches Tree'. There is a chain and shackle attached to the top of the mid section. This rusty device is rumoured to be connected to the witches and monks of the area from before it was home to Miss Cranstons House. Sadly this house has gone and all traces of Charles Rennie Mackintosh's involvement here have vanished too. 

There are rumours that this tree and others (which have sadly gone) were used to hang witches in the area. The tree itself and the chain hanging from it really need some attention from Glasgow City Council. Student Tours Scotland hopes to include this area on a new walk up the Levern Water Walkway. Hopefully we can launch this tour in 2013.