Lena Points #11: Locomotion Statue, Buchanan House, Glasgow

A link to the past in Glasgow's Buchanan Street Train Statue

Lena is back this week and this time she is pointing into the past. Student Tours Scotland features Lena pointing at something rare and unique in Glasgow. It's often something in the city that is either overlooked or unknown. Here she is pointing to Locomotion, a statue that represents a bygone era in Glasgow. Buchanan House at 58 Port Dundas Road was once the site of Buchanan Street Train Station - now long gone. 

Glasgow once had four train stations (Central Station, Queen Street Station, St. Enoch Station and Buchanan Street Station). This statue fittingly remembers the locomotives that left from here until the 1960's when the Beeching Axe fell upon the Glasgow surplus stations. The statue is quite remarkable and sits just off the main road in front of Buchanan House. There are plenty of hidden statues all over Glasgow. Student Tours Scotland will no doubt get Lena to point at some more soon!