Lena Points #12: The Anderston Stone Hippos

Hungry, Hungry, Hippos in Glasgow (Anderston)

So it's another week and another edition of Lena Points. As is the case with these things, Lena and Student Tours Scotland go hunting around Glasgow for cool and unique things to show you. We had heard rumours of three hippos in Anderston which were made of stone. Naturally we were interested in finding out more. Turns out that, just like the Sighthill Park Stone Circle, they are threatened with demolition as Anderston is redeveloped. Always happy to highlight a good cause Lena and Student Tours Scotland took to the streets to hunt for them. 

It was not easy to find these little critters. Despite a blobby image on Google Maps the hippos are well hidden from obvious sight. However fine them we did! The middle one even had a traffic cone on it's head just like the Duke of Wellington Statue on Queen Street. These little guys are cute and make a rather neglected area (could do with a clean up) quite pleasant. I highly recommend you check them out - if you can find them of course. Hehe.