Lena Points #15: Blythswood Square, Blythswood Hill, Glasgow

When is a Park, not a park?

Blythswood Square in the business district (old part) of the city is situated on Blythswood Hill to the immediate West of Glasgow City Centre and north of Anderston. It used to be Student Tours Scotland's favourite escape from the hustle and bustle of modern, every day life in the city. Sadly, it's been fenced off, once again hiding it from view.

As a private park in Glasgow, it is owned by the tennants around it. It's not there for the public, despite it's intended intial use to be the new centre of the city (that never quite happened). After the Occupy Glasgow movement took over it last year and after many years of littering, the square is now not accessible for most of the year. Which is a real shame. It's a lovely wee place.

Lena, who is pointing here in the photo (discreetly) for Student Tours Scotland is not a fan of this elitist approach and is therefore unhappy in the picture. There is also a wee wedding taking place in the background. She is not amused about that either.