Lena Points #17: Abandoned Shopping Cart

It's that time of the week again when Lena comes a-pointing. Student Tours Scotland presents a tour of Glasgow with a difference. A tour, of pointing around Glasgow!

There is a legend in Glasgow that all the rivers are home to a strange creature. It's not your average aquatic animal. It is in fact very different. It's composed of mostly metal and is found generally lying in a position that would suggest it has died. The shopping cart is one of the weirdest sights you will see in our city but is a Glasgow highlight nonetheless. Student Tours Scotland took Lena out to Househillwood and to Househill Park for this particular cart. As you can see it plays dead awaiting the prey to appear. This cart is also not in the water. To make things more confusing it is waiting just a few metres from the banks of the Levern Water. Thankfully both Lena and I survived this particular shopping cart experience.