Lena Points #19: Thistles in Glasgow

A Thistle-y Good Time in Glasgow

Lena is back again pointing for us in another edition of, Lena Points. Student Tours Scotland has taken Lena all over the City of Glasgow to find some weird and wonderful sights. However both of us were surprised when we found thistles. Especially when we found them so close to the City Centre. These thistles are in Broomielaw Area at Anderston East near the casino. They are hiding just before the underpass at the Clyde Bridges. 

The thistle is one of the four flowers representing the UK regions. Legend has it that a Norwegian Viking stepping on one and screaming in pain alerted the Scottish army to the invading forces at the legendary Battle of Largs on the West Coast. Whether that's true or not, the thistle is a great symbol for Scotland and even apepars on the rugby team jersey.