Lena Points #2: Goosedubbs - the Street with the Funny Name

The Geese that played in the Dubbs

Glasgow City has some weird street names throughout it. In the Calton area there is 'Spoutmouth' and the nearby 'Schipka Pass'; there is the 'Candleriggs' in the Merchant City and 'Rottenrow' not far from here; there are the various 'gates' in and out of the city 'Trongate', 'Drygate', 'Bridgegate', 'Gallowgate' and the always interesting 'Saltmarket'. It is perhaps however a wee tiny lane in St. Enoch's that takes the prize of strangest street name in Glasgow. The 'Goosedubbs' is a curious little entity that has grasped my imagination for a long time as my number 21 bus passes each and every day. Where there ever any geese here? What were dubbs? 

After much reading and research (in other words, I bought a book on Glasgow Street Names), I discovered that a woman that lived here apparently owned some geese and they played in the puddleson the lane. An old Scots word for puddles is 'dubbs', hence the join - "Goosedubbs". You learn something new every day and thanks to our awesome Lena, we get to learn it through pointing. Cheers Lena!