Lena Points #22: Robroyston Park in Glasgow

Getting Pointy in Robroyston Park in Glasgow

Student Tours Scotland and Lena have a relationship spanning many years. The legend that is Lena goes back to 2009. She was gifted the Glasgow a cosmic force and ended up showing her awesome pointing skills. Check out the latest installment today as she points at one of the Local Nature Reserves in the Glasgow City Boundary and also one of the most loved parks in the north of the city. 

Robroyston is a great wee area of Glasgow and the park here has two ponds that attract a lot of cool wildlife. Going for a walk around this area of the city will certainly make you feel like you've spent your time well. It's not as easy to get to as other parts of Glasgow but the lush green vegetation and the wee wooded walks make it an afternoon stroll that delivers.