Lena Points #3: Mona Lisa with Irn Bru

A Modern Day Work of Art in Glasgow

Glasgow is a city of many wonders. Student Tours Scotland has teamed up with resident French-Glaswegian, Lena Kolbe to bring you a weekly (almost) feature on our blog called Lena Points. It's really quite simple. Each week Lena points at something cool, weird or wonderful in Glasgow and Student Tours Scotland explains what it is and why it's awesome. 

This week Lena has pointed at an awesome work of art in the Anderston East district of the City Centre near the River Clyde International Financial Services District (IFSD) and the M8 Motorway. Anderston is a district split in two thanks to the M8 Motorway that plowed through Glasgow in the 1960's. Pockets of life still exist but sadly some parts have fallen into dis-repair. This awesome series of art works cover an unused building and features this portrait of the famous Mona Lisa with a can of Scotland's number one soft drink, 'Irn Bru'. She looks like she is smiling so one can only assume that Irn Bru has finally brought a grin to the sad face after all these years.

If you have anything you would personally like Lena to point at in Glasgow then get in touch.