Lena Points #8: Sighthill Park, Stone Circle in Glasgow

Sighthill Park - Dizzy Heights in Glasgow City

Lena from France is a champion, a hero. She fought off the chilling cold frost of a sunny Glasgow winter day to point for us. It was not just any point however. Sighthill Stone circle, as those of you who follow our exploits, is very close to Student Tours Scotland's heart. There are many parks in Glasgow which all have their own little features. Sighthill Park, which opened in 1982, features an awesome little Stone Circle which was built in the 1970's. 

At night it is an eerie place and by day it has a haunting beauty. The views, albeit with a motorway in tow, are great. You can see quite far across Glasgow. It's one of Student Tours Scotland's favourite places to hang out. You can read more on the Stone Circle HERE.

Glasgow City Council is planning on demolishing the Stones for a new development. Student Tours Scotland hopes that the council will change it's mind and include the circle in the new development. It would be a shame for Glasgow to forget it's awesome past. The people of Glasgow deserve better. Glasgow deserves better. Head upa nd check out the circle for yourselves.