Lena Points #1: Glasgow City Chambers

Lena Points: A New Way to Experience Glasgow

Lena is a woman lost in Glasgow. Coming from her native France she found herself awestruck at the drab Glasgow architecture and felt out of place amongst the people. However after discovering the art of pointing she soon found Glasgow exciting and fresh. The people were friendly and there was so much to see and do. Student Tours Scotland has teamed up with Lena to present a new regular blog article: Lena Points. Join Student Tours Scotland and Lena as we point our way acros Glasgow. Lena will begin our tour of Glasgow with a look inside the famous Glasgow landmark of the City Chambers.

Built between 1882 and 1888 and designed bby Glasgow architect William Young, Glasgow City Chambers stands proudly on the eastern end of George Square. It was opened by Queen Victoria in 1888 and the first meeting was held here in 1889 (that is, if Wikipedia is to believed or not). There are regular tours of the inside of the building and Lena and I were treated to a sneak peak at where all the world's supply of marble has ended up! There is so much of the stuff. 

There is a lion statue on one of the stairs that has a rather cool story about it's nose: apparently if you rub the nose you will get good luck. Sadly so many folk have done so over the years that the nose is pretty much gone. No moreluck for Glaswegians now.

Outside the Chambers on the roof of the main doorway (high up) is a miniature Statue of Liberty and at night the building exterior is lit up in a brilliant white and yellow light combination.

Truly the gem of the city centre of Glasgow, City Chambers is home to the council but you don't have to feel intimidated by the work that goes on in there - just go inside and the awesome staff will give you a great look around - don't leave Glasgow without checking it out!