Moments That Matter #002: Edinburgh After Dark

The Moments That Matter #002

Edinburgh After Dark

As Student Tours Scotland prepares for yet another Edinburgh Coach Trip, we look back at the weirdest and most memorable moments from previous visits to there. Today we look at Edinburgh: After Dark.

As our Edinburgh tour approaches, and new students flood into Scotland to embark on four amazing months of study, I thought it would be nice to share some memories with you of the funnier things that happen on tour. Today is all about, ‘Edinburgh After Dark’.

Now, I don’t tour at night time in Edinburgh, although I wish I did. It would make for far more interesting, albeit cold, tours. The place is gorgeous at nighttime, just look at the picture of the castle above. It’s pretty. Even if you don’t think it is, it is.

Edinburgh has a dark history which includes more murders, grave robbing, resurrections and  witchcraft than I would care to include in my tours. Honestly, you guys are great at hurting yourselves without the added extra of a ghost or witch messing things up. However that doesn’t mean the city can’t get a little ‘dark’ for us.

A few years I was in Edinburgh trying to get the location of a good beer bar. Now, I should point out that despite trying really hard not to, I seem to have evolved into a hipster. I didn’t want it to happen. I wanted to stay Gary-dos for a few more years but apparently I am now Hipster-lee. At least this way I get more XP. Beer has evolved in Scotland. It’s not all about the lager these days, there is a whole alphabet of beer out there and I needed some IPA.

I’d heard rumours of this epic place called, ‘The Hanging Bat’, but I wasn't sure where to go to get there. Myself and one of the students really wanted to grab a beer over lunch and so asked how to get there. Eventually we found a local who knew what we were talking about. They were very happy at our good taste and told us not to fear, “you are close. You just have to cross the pubic triangle”. Yes, you read that correctly guys, the PUBIC triangle, not the PUBLIC triangle. I immediately hit the rewind button (cause apparently I’m stuck in the 90’s with my real-life VCR and I’m a hipster) but yes, he HAD said PUBIC and not PUBLIC. There was nothing public about this triangle. It was very much a private affair.

The epic journey went like this, cross the Grassmarket, follow the West Port, say hello to Lady Lawson (she’s a lovely lass) and fight your way through the Pubic Triangle. From there you can reach your final battle on Lothian Road. I had to ask, “what, pray tell is the Pubic Triangle”.

Well, apparently I’m the only person under the sun who hasn’t heard about this shaped-area of Edinburgh. Come on ginger man! Everyone knows this! The Pubic Triangle is a cross roads, shaped like a triangle which hosts three of the most notorious, as he put it, “Gentleman’s Bars” in Edinburgh. So there you have it. Scotland once again strikes gold with a great name and great directions.

We set off on our journey, got lost with Lady Lawson on her street and found our way past the triangle. It’s not that strange for Student Tours Scotland. We’ve had weirder stuff happen on tour for sure but this, this was different. For the student who was with me on this journey to the bar, his poor eyes were scarred for life. As the triangle was coming to life there were allsorts of mad things happening. People were being kicked out by angry bouncers, I’ve never seen so much cigarette smoke come from one man and woman and I’m pretty sure the names of the bars will leave you in stitches. It’s Edinburgh at it’s best and it’s worst in one go.

Thankfully the journey was more than worth it and. “The Hanging Bar” is probably one of the best craft beer bars on the planet. It’s a story we can tell to other people and it’s a story we happily shared with others we passed that day. It’s this that makes your time in Scotland memorable. These are the moments that matter.