Morning Has Broken (Me)

When the weather has the last laugh

Student Tours Scotland has been enjoying the weather lately in Glasgow. But sometimes, the severe changes can take their toll. Like today.

The ginger rises, early in the depths of the morning. Cautiously he peers out over the rim of the window ledge and is engulfed in a warm, fuzzy glow from the dawn sun as it spreads out across the city.

A smile bursts across the face of this young redheaded man as he jumps into the shower, gets dressed and engorges himself on breakfast fit for a king. With a bounce in his step he gleefully erupts from the four walls he calls home and unleashes himself on the world at large. Mr. Sun smiles down on him, a feeling he rarely gets in this Lanarkshire City. Even the wait for the infuriatingly late bus into town is less irritating this day. It’s almost as if the suns rays have a calming effect.

On the bus there are smiles, the populace reads the Metro, turning each page with gusto, excited by what the day has in store. Maybe they will change the world, maybe they won’t but either way they will do so with a grin stapled to their face. Nothing can change it.

The bus thunders down The Boulevard in the New Gorbals and the daffodils bend towards it’s wake as if saying, ‘good morning’ and waving as we pass. Public transport has a spring in it’s step this morning. The happiness oozes from everything.

And then it happens. The world collapses in on itself. As we cross the River Clyde, a darkness descends over the hulking mass of Glasgow City as the clouds rush in from seemingly nowhere. One by one, the Glaswegians hearts shatter. You can hear a sweeping, dusting of glass shards falling to the floor as the weather speeds in from the east and leaves each citizen a little lighter without their soul.

The rain comes, the snow falls and the temperature plummets. It’s like one massive joke, told by Mother Nature herself. She knows how to play with our heart strings and today she controls the orchestra. Wednesday, hump-day, the day my hopes were crushed. Thanks Nature.