Olympic Torch Relay comes to Rutherglen and Glasgow

Power of the Gods

It's not every day that you get to see someone running through the streets of Rutherglen and Glasgow with a flame in their hands. Well, it's not every day you get to see someone doing it legally anyway. Lit from the sun itself in the Temple of Hera in Greece the Olympic flame has come a long way. On Friday morning it came over from Northern Ireland and touched down on Scottish soil. Making its way up the West Coast it reached East Main Street in Rutherglen in the mid-afternoon. Student Tours Scotland headed down to the Main Street for a wee glimpse of history. The whole of South Lanarkshire appeared to have come out to see the torch. It was a really powerful sight. To see so many Rugloanians out in force was quite moving. It's rare that such a large community comes together like this. As the torch made it's way down to the Town Hall, my vantage point in the old Church Yard near Dr. Gorman himself was proving to be a good idea. Sure it wasn't as good as those brave souls standing on the balcony of the snooker club or the throng of kids dangling off the Mercat Cross but it was still a great view. As the runner passed by with that ancient flame in hand I could swear I felt a tear well up behind my eyes. This is Rutherglen, my home town, and here is a piece of history passing by. It was quite moving.

Suddenly it was over. Lingering around I took a moment to take in everything around me, there was so much going on. People everywhere. The Olympic Flame may not be long for Scotland but it's power of bringing folk together is strong. Rutherglen, and later Glasgow, had good reason to rejoice, a very special event had unfolded in front of our eyes - one we may not see again in our lifetimes.