Park District Glasgow

Into the West

Charing Cross is one of those areas of Glasgow that has seen a lot of change over the years. I'm too young to know what my elders talk about but you can still feel like this is an area that is missing a lot of it's heart. The M8 Motorway ripped the heart out of Charing Cross and the nearby Anderston districts in the 1960's - a stupid move by the Glasgow Corportation if ever there was one.

Anyway now we have to live with it and it sadly exists whether we like it or not. So with a squad in tow I headed over the M8 and into Charing Cross. Since we weren't too big a group we walked through the Mitchell Library for a wee gander around. People were impressed - it is an impressive building after all. 

But it wasn't Charing Cross we were interested in, it was Park District we were aiming for. Many Glasgow areas have hilarious names: Plantation comes to mind, but Park has to be the best. It's the area behind the West End of Sauchiehall Street and Woodlands Road. It essentially covers the nearby Park Circus and well...the park. Kelvingrove Park to be exact. After a whirlwind tour of the beauty that is Kelvingrove we headed into Park Circus for some of the history and plenty of photo opportunities. 

The Glasgow walks are going from strength to strength. Hope to see you at one soon!