Pizza Cones In Glasgow

Student Tours Scotland is proud to have so many connections across the city and the world. In Glasgow one of our regulars has launched his own business. We asked Dags to tell us a little bit more about the back story to Pizza Cones and what led him to launch it. So here, for your reading pleasure, is Dags and the legend of Pizza Cones.

"An entrepreneur at heart, Dags has always had the vision to create his own future and make his own decisions. Authority never sat well with Dags as his creative mind wandered and in his own words he ‘wanted to do what he wanted, when he wanted’.

Two years ago, when he was a student at University, Dags studied International Retail Marketing. However, struggling to pay fees and bills, he took time off from his studies to put full focus in to starting his own business.

Dags trusted his ‘gut feeling’ when he came across Pizza Cones. He seized the opportunity to become the first and only distributor of the innovative Pizza Cones in the UK.

‘Having always wanted to be in a retail business, I jumped at the chance to work with Pizza Cones. I used to sell computers from my bedroom when I was 13 years old – I thought this was chance to have a business that my mum would approve of!’

Getting inspiration from successful business leaders really drove Dags’ passion, from Eminem to Steve Jobs these people have been the positive influences needed to spark his enthusiasm. Dags has also benefited from the support of Entrepreneurial Spark, Glasgow’s business incubator.

‘Thanks to Entrepreneurial-Spark I now have people around me that give positive encouragement and support. They have looked at my business from many different angles, and the fact they see the much needed entrepreneurial mindset in me just makes me all the more determined, and sharing an office with likeminded individuals is a first’

Pizza Cones is launching this Monday in Glasgow Caledonian University. Head over and see them for yourself!