Rafael Drinks, Pedro Thinks #02: Mono, King’s Court

Student Tours Scotland seeks out another awesome Glasgow Bar

Every week Student Tours Scotland teams up with Rafael and Pedro and goes on an adventure somewhere in the city. They guys may be gone but their adventures live on. Welcome to another edition of, 'Rafael Drinks, Pedro Thinks'.

This weel Rafael and Pedro join Student Tours Scotland in Mono, in King's Court in the St. Enoch area of Glasgow City. This area is pretty full of awesome wee bars dotted around the place. Mono however holds a special place in our heart. It's where I had my fortune read in 2011 and it was scary accurate. I planned an election campaign from there once and went to win. It's also where you get the best cheesecake in Glasgow - even though it's vegan! The range of drinks is great and the food is awesome. Never have I enjoyed vegan food so much. It's nestled away in the corner so it's quiet but gets pretty busy. It hosts a number of events and gigs and is attached to Monorail - a cool record shop. 

The whole place is built into the remains of the access line for St. Enoch Railway Station - long gone since the 1960's and is in one of the old storage sheds. Rumour has that it was once a greek restaurant too - hence the large urns - but that's not verified. Either way, get down to Mono and enjoy!