Rafael Drinks, Pedro Thinks #03: Counting House, George Square

Where would we be without the Counting House?

Student Tours Scotland has a new series of blogs this season featuring some of the best and coolest bars around the city. This week we catch up with Rafael and Pedro to see what they find cool in Glasgow as Rafael Drinks and Pedro Thinks once more.

The Counting House is one of those bars that every student finds out about at some time. You really can't miss the place. I personally (Gary, the ginger Scottish guide) have many memories in this bar. Some good, others better forgotten. It features in a number of videos on our youtube channel is often the start of many friendships as well as the place where we go to celebrate the end of a semester and goodbyes (for now at least). The haggis here is cheap and enjoyable and the fish and chips is a particular highlight. They have a great range of beers and ales - bottled and pints. There is always wine and most importantly, a great range of whiskies. It's frequently hosting events and themed months. You'll get a lot of great memories here - even if you just go for the breakfast first thing in the morning. 

If you haven't already been, then get yourself down to the Counting House. The building alone is worth the visit.