Rob Pappas - “Just Don’t Die” (A Student Tours Scotland Inspired Music Video)

Rob Pappas - Californian Superstar of Student Tours Scotland

On every Student Tours Scotland day trip and walk we understand that there is only so much control you can exert over an individual before they ultimately do their own thing. We don't like to restrict what you do on tour. We only ask one thing - that you do your best not to do something so stupid that you kill yourself. We think this is easy to ask. It's not that hard. Try not o jump off a castle ruin in Kirkcaldy, Fife; don't chase the sheep in Oban; try not to hunt for Nessie without a boat at Loch Ness. These really should be simple requests.

Apparently in 2012 I uttered the phrase, "Just Don't Die" one too many times and it became a bit of an in-joke. So much so that Rob Pappas, one of our resident American students from Glasgow Caledonian University and Long Beach, California took it upon himself to make a music video and rap song with his friend Ryan Yamaguchi.

Inspired by the Glasgow Neds (youths of a certain predisposition for the rest of you); my personal love of Irn Bru and all things Glasgow, Rob and Ryan have created this awesome and at the same time questionable rap video. Please watch and show some support to these budding young artistes

I think you better not quit the day job though Rob!