Rummaging through Linn Park Glasgow

Linn Park, Glasgow South

Glasgow has over 100 parks and gardens but Linn Park is one of the best. It's actually Glasgow's second largest park (beaten only by Pollok Country Park in the South West). The name itself derives from the Scottish word Linn which means waterfall - a stunning feature of the park itself. Student Tours Scotland enjoys this park walk more than most of the others as Linn Park is just so awesome. With it's woodland trails and the White Cart River following through it there is just so much to draw your attention away from the hustle and bustle of the City of Glasgow all around you. Even the pathetic ruins of Cathcart Castle (pulled down by Glasgow District Council in 1980) have a haunting quality to them. There is a lot of history with Mary, Queen of Scots here and the Court Knowe area has a nice monument to her and the nearby Battle of Langside monument. Everyone seemed to have fun on this one and I'm glad - as it really is a fun place. Join us next time when we visit!