Save Sighthill Park Stone Circle in Glasgow

Sighthill Park Stone Circle - A Glasgow Hidden Gem in Need

There is much to see and do in Glasgow. Student Tours Scotland loves this city. One of the most magical and secret places is in the area of Sighthill just north of the City Centre and Cowcaddens areas. It is tucked away on the top of the massive expanse of Sighthill Park which was opened in 1982 as the largest Glasgow park since Victorian times. This fantastic attraction is a Stone Circle, built very specifically by Duncan Lunan and others along Pagan rules for astronomical alignment. It also sits atop the site of an old ventilation shaft for the Buchanan Street Train Station tunnel (another aspect of our history that is long gone).

For Student Tours Scotland it is a great hidden gem in a city which has much to offer the explorer. Sighthill and the North of Glasgow is an area in dire need of redevelopment. We were excited to read in The Evening Times that £250 million pounds is to be spent on making Sighthill a fantastic place to live. However it is with sad news that we hear the Sighthill Stone Circle is due to be demolished.

We see no reason why this unique piece of Glasgow's past cannot be incorporated into the new designs or (as a last resort) moved elsewhere for safe keeping. Over the years Glasgow Corporation; Glasgow District Council and Glasgow City Council (not to mention the UK and Scottish governments) have repeatedly made bad decisions and demolished huge sections of the city which should have been retained. 

Student Tours Scotland supports this fantastic place being preserved and requests you do too. Tell Glasgow City Council what you think by contacting them HERE or by signing the petition to save the circle HERE.

We cannot afford to lose more of our city - Glasgow Deserves Better.